Are they still together Actually??@'

Question is — were they ever? Haha. I don’t know. I don’t think so. :) 

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can you link me to the au meme?

Assuming you’re talking about the KUWTK one I made? Here.

Did Khloé actually mention Harry on KUWTK?

No it’s an au meme.

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"@KendallJenner: now dad, I know you told me never to get on the back of a motorcycle with someone, but with @Harry_Styles is ok right? #oops 😋"

08/03: Kendall and Harry arriving at LAX.

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Wishing I could be in California, I wanna tell you when I call you. I could’ve fallen in love, I wish I’d fallen in love.

Kylie Jenner laughs of the Harry and Kendall romance! This romance never exist... hahahaha

Lmao no one knows what was actually going on between Kendall and Harry except for themselves. 

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